The journey beings with a hurricane…

My hurricane was my husband walking out on me and my beautiful two kids, a month after i had given birth.  I found myself a single mother of two. Not exactly the predicament a good christian girl would find herself in. My church at the time (the place I thought I would find solace at) shut the doors and nobody wanted to “get involved”. I was lonely, humiliated and broken! I couldn’t pray, I couldn’t eat all I did was cry myself to sleep. Dear God, how could you allow my family to be ripped apart?

The amazing thing that happened is that in him leaving, I found myself. The girl I found was broken, had a low self esteem and no sense of worth despite the front she put for the rest of the world. I strongly believe that we attract who we are and the broken man I attracted was a result of the broken girl I was inside. Those parts were broken long before my marriage. Which is why this blog  not an attempt to “out” my ex-husband. Every person has their own journey, my place is not to judge. The thing is, we once walked the same path. You can not write my story without including him…I mean how do I explain these two gorgeous kids that are a result of our union. Rather I write it to record my journey to discovery… along  what I see as the this yellow brick road of life….seeking my Oz and all its beauty.

God will always send you hints when you go the wrong direction….Oprah once said ( yes I quote Oprah) …it starts with a pebble on your back , then a brick and if you don’t pay attention the entire wall will fall on you. His leaving was that brick wall. So I say, pay attention! Nobody wakes up and leaves a marriage, the signs are always there. We need to listen to what our true self  is telling us, the self that was present in God when he created the oceans and  their undiscovered mysteries.

Your hurricane doesn’t need to be the end of a marriage, it may be losing a child, a job, a sibling. What I do know though is whatever it is : its all going to work together for YOUR good, no matter how tragic it is.


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